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Can I bring in my dog or cat in without all of their shots for daycare/boarding/grooming?

For the health and safety of other animals, and humans alike, we don't allow any animal in without all of their shots up to date for any service we offer. *We require the K-9 Influenza vaccine that is administered in two parts. Ask your vet about the shot today, this one will take some time! (We accept dogs 2 weeks after the second part of the vaccine is administered)

Do you have any breed restrictions?

We have absolutely no breed restrictions!

My dog or cat has never been to Animal Oasis before, what do I need to start?

**First and foremost you will need all of our required shots up to date, then you’'ll need to fill out an application either online or in person. Now you have the basic steps to begin. > If you’re wanting to board (dogs): We require a temperament test, which is basically free daycare. We ask for at least 2 hours of play time, and this should be done before the date you wish to board. This way we have time to let your pup adjust to a new environment and new people and see how they interact with other dogs. *If you’re boarding a cat you can skip all of this and just book a date! > If you’re wanting to do daycare: We require a temperament test for daycare as well, but since daycare doesn’t require appointments this just means your first day of daycare is free! They can even stay all day if you’d like! > If you’re wanting to come in for grooming: We do not require a temperament test for grooming, so you’re all good to book your haircut or come in for a bath any time!

My dog/cat is on medication, what should I do?

At both locations our friendly and experienced staff members safely administer any and all medications required during any duration of stay, even daycare! So just bring in any medications required during their stay and let us know how much to administer and when, that’s all you have to do!

Do I need an appointment for boarding?

Boarding definitely requires an appointment. Be sure if you’re looking for holiday dates that you book early!

What will my dog or cat eat during their stay?

We suggest that you bring your animal’s own food when you come to drop them off for boarding. Be sure to bring enough for their entire stay! If for some reason their food runs out during their stay or their food was forgotten then we do provide facility food but there is an extra daily charge that comes with that.

What should I bring for my dog or cat's stay?

All that you really need to bring is food and any medication they will need during their stay. We provide beds, blankets, water, bowls, and attention. We don’t allow toys in the playpen, but don’t worry they will get their energy out. **For cats, feel free to bring toys, beds, treats, or anything that would make them feel comfortable in their new space.

Can my cat stay at either location?

Unfortunately we only have space for cats at our South facility, so be sure to book your dates at that facility and let them know that you’re bringing in a cat since there is limited space!

Do I need an appointment for daycare?

We don’t ever require appointments for daycare at either of our facilities!

My dog didn't have breakfast/lunch/dinner, can they eat there?

You can feel free to bring in any meal they might have missed or would miss if they are with us and not at home. Be sure it’s in a labeled container and let us know which meal it is so we feed them at the right time!

Do daycare packages expire?

Daycare packages expire a year from the date purchased.

Do I need an appointment for grooming?

If you are wanting just a bath and brush, or any other non-haircut à la carte service, then no appointment is required. But, if you want a haircut then we do require an appointment. **Cat grooming is only available at the North facility.

How long does grooming take?

We ask for at least 1 hour for a bath and brush, and at least 3 hours for a haircut, but your groomer or bather will give you an estimated time when you drop off and give you a call when they’re all finished. **If you ask for a specific pick up time on drop off or when making your appointment, that time will be kept and if anything happens to delay that time you will absolutely be notified!