At Animal Oasis South We Offer Boarding for Both Dogs and Cats!

No matter if you need a quick overnight or an extended stay, Animal Oasis South is here for all of your boarding needs. Your pooch can play all day and sleep all night, without a cage in sight! Our experienced and educated staff supervise our furry guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be sure to book your holiday boarding now!

Dogs stay in a cage-less, kennel free environment - we call it a slumber party! It’s boarding the way it should be - free and comfortable. Should your dog need a private space at night, we offer spacious, comfortable quarters — private runs and suites — to be sure your dog is happy and gets a good night’s sleep.

We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, administer medications as needed, and even offer grooming services during any stay; all you have to do is bring in their food, medication, and let us know what grooming service you want when you drop off!

*All shots are required to be up to date prior to your pet coming in. (Cats too!) Unsure about what shots are needed? Check the home page.

*New? We do require a temperament test before boarding. (Cats get a pass) Simply bring in your dog prior to the scheduled boarding date and let them play for free! We ask for at least 2 hours of playtime so that your pooch can get adjusted to their new environment and us. No need to schedule this, just come in at least 2 hours before closing any day of the week and let us know you’re new!

Haven’t filled out a client application yet? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a printable one.



$30/night - Single dog *Addition dog? +$27/night per dog

$35/night - Single dog, private run *Additional dog? +$31.50/night per dog

$45/night - Single dog, private suite *Additional dog? +$40.50/night per dog

$20/night - Single cat *Additional cat? +$18/night per cat


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